About Loogy

Loogy.com is a comic about a sometimes lovable, but mostly unlovable, loser unsurprisingly named Loogy. There’s usually no rhyme or reason to his antics as he wanders from one misadventure to the next. When emotions run high he’s prone to pissing himself and/or experiencing intense episodes of explosive diarrhea. He’s sometimes mean, but is usually the one getting bullied. He’s not very smart, not very good-looking, and pretty much represents nothing that anyone ever wishes themselves to be.

For better or worse, Loogy is the brainchild of yours truly, Edwin Day. Readers experience this comic at their own risk. There’s no guarantee of quality, meaning, consistency, insight, or even humor. If an idea makes me laugh or even if I find something mildly amusing, I’ll draw it, but a word of caution: My sense of humor is oftentimes described by others as low-brow, sarcastic, immature, offensive, tasteless, vile, garbage, even – and this hurts him the most – non-existent.

About the Artist

Edwin Day grew up in San Jose, California and is a proud Golden Bear. When he was a little kid, his idol was a cartoonist named Bruce Blitz. Inspired by Mr. Blitz’s how-to books and videos, and spending all his allowance on Mr. Blitz’s products, Edwin kind of succeeded (more or less) in teaching himself how to vaguely draw cartoons.

Unfortunately, out of sheer laziness and lack of ambition, it took him until adulthood to actually apply it towards anything with any semblance of being constructive. If it wasn’t obvious, that’s in reference to this website and comic Loogy, although he openly admits that using the term “constructive” to describe Loogy is probably still pushing it.